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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis
Custom peptide libraries fall into several different catagories, each with their own special applications and constraints. This site discusses the the different types of custom peptide libraries with tips and guidelines for designing useful custom peptide libraries.

Epitope Mapping Custom Peptide Libraries

Epitope mapping custom peptide libraries are used to identify the segments of peptides and proteins that are responsible for antibody binding in situ. The target sequence is divided into overlapping sequences.

Only top quality resins, reagents, state-of the-art equipment, proven up-to-date methodology, high quality products, rapid delivery, reasonable prices, unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. These are the factors that make us your unparalleled custom peptide synthesis supplier.

For more information on custom peptide synthesis, click here.

Custom peptide synthesis services include:

  •MAP Peptides

  •Cyclic Peptides

  •Peptides Containing Unusual Amino Acids

  •Peptides with Modified Sidechains

  •Peptide Library Synthesis

Custom peptides can be prepared with the following modifications:

D-Amino Acids (Custom peptides may contain one or more D-amino acids)

   • D-Ala   • D-Asn   • D-Gln   • D-Lys   • D-Pro   • D-Trp

   • D-Arg   • D-Cys   • D-His   • D-Met   • D-Ser   • D-Tyr

   • D-Asp   • D-Glu   • D-Leu   • D-Phe   • D-Thr   • D-Val

N-Methyl Amino Acids (Peptides with N-methylation of the peptide backbone)

   • N-MeAla   • N-MeIle   • N-MeMet   • N-MeVal

   • N-MeGly   • N-MeLeu   • N-MePhe

Unususal Amino Acids

   • Abu (2-Aminobutyric acid)   • Hse (Homoserine)   • D-Orn (D-Ornithine),

   • Ahx(6-Aminohexanoic acid)   • Hyp (Hydroxyproline)   • D-2-Pal (D-2-Pyridylalanine)

   • Aib (2-Aminoisobutyric acid)   • Mpa (3-Mercapto-propionic acid)   • Pen (penicillamine)

   • β-Ala, (beta-Alanine)   •  D-1-Nal (D-1-Naphthylalanine)   • pGlu (Pyroglutamic acid)

   • Har (Homoarginine)   • Nle (Norleucine)   • D-Phe(4-Cl) (D-4-Chloro-phenylalanine)

   • Hcy (Homocysteine)   • Nva (Norvaline)   • Phg (Phenylglycine)

   • Hfe (Homophenylalanine)   • Orn (Ornithine)   • Other unusual amino acids


   • Tyr phosphorylated peptides

   • Ser phosphorylated peptides

   • Thr phosphorylated peptides (single site)

Sulfonation: Tyr(SO3H) (sulfonated peptides)

Cysteine Derivatives: Cys(Acm), Cys(tBu)

Lysine Derivatives: Lys(DNP), Lys(Me2), Lys(Ac)

Serine Derivative: Ser(octanoic acid)

Isotopic Amino Acids (Isotopically labelled peptides)

   • 13C

   • 15N

   • Deuterium (2H)

N-Terminal Peptide Modifications

   • Acylation   • Myristylation

   • Formylation   • Palmytolation

   • Succinylation   • Benzyloxycabonylation (Cbz)

C-Terminal Peptide Modifications

   • Amidation (NH2, NHEt, NHMe)

   • p-Nitroanilide (pNA)

   • AMC

   • NHS (OSu)

   • CMK/FMK

   • Ester (OMe, OEt, OBzl, OtBu)

Cyclic Peptides

   • 1 Disulfide Bridge

   • 2 Disulfide Bridges

   • 3 Disulfide Bridges

   • Amide Cyclic (Side-chain, End)

Multiple Antigenic Peptide System

   • Asymmetric 4 branches

   • Asymmetric 8 branches

   • KLH

   • BSA/OVA

Fluorescence/Dye Labeling

   • Biotin (N-Terminal, with or without Ahx)

   • Biotin (Lys sidechain)

   • FITC/5-FAM (N-Terminal, with or without Ahx)

   • FITC/5-FAM (Lys sidechain)

   • Dansyl (N-Terminal, with or without Ahx)

   • MCA (N-Terminal)

   • HYNIC (N-Terminal)

   • DTPA(N-Terminal)

Quenched Fluorescent Peptide

   • Abz/Tyr(3-NO2)

   • EDANS


Additional Services

   • Amino Acid Analysis

   • Aliquots

Custom peptides are shipped with a complete quality control package including HPLC, Mass Spectral Analysis and Certificates of Analysis to confirm the purity and identity of the peptide. From 2 amino acids to 85 amino acids, we prepare custom peptides in the scale and purity required.

We provide custom peptides in the following purities:

   • Immunological Grade (suitable for forming polyclonal antibodies)

   • 80% or greater (tissue culture; ligand for affinity purification; non-quantitative antibody blocking experiments)

   • 90% or greater (in vivo studies; bioassays; markers for electrophoresis; monoclonal antibodies)

   • 95% or greater (ELISA; RIA; enzyme substrate)

   • 98% (NMR; chromatography standards)

We provide custom peptide synthesis services to research scientists worldwide. Custom peptides are prepared in purities from crude to greater than 98% pure and in quantities from a few milligrams for research scale to multi-kilograms for production scale. To learn more about our custom peptide synthesis services, click here.


Large Scale Production

We can perform custom peptide synthesis in larger scale, from gram to multi-kilogram quantities. Our products comply with the most stringent quality control specifications at a competitive price. Let our experienced chemists assist with your development and production needs. All requests are evaluated with strict confidentiality.

For our profound experience in custom peptide synthesis, well-trained technical team and highest production standards, we hope to be your strong and reliable partner in the life sciences industry. For more information on large scale custom peptide synthesis, click here.

Custom Peptide Library Synthesis

We can synthesize custom peptide libraries for epitope mapping, high-throughput screening, and SAR studies, including alanine scans and truncation sets. Peptide libraries are provided in 96-well plates with approximately 2 µmol of lyophilized peptide in each well

Optimized protocols and chemistries are utilized to ensure consistent purity, quantity and quality, batch-to-batch and within each batch.

Custom peptide library modifications include D-amino acids, unusual amino acids, biotin or fluorescent labeling, N-acylation or C-terminal amide.

Provide us with the peptide sequences and we will prepare a quotation for your library. Peptide libraries are typically completed in 2-3 weeks. Typical delivery consists of lyophilized peptides in 96-well titer plates, peptide location table, and MS and HPLC data.

For more information about custom peptide libraries, click here.